About Mentorch

Mentorch is a social development network for mentorship. Mentorch aims to deliver an experience for optimizing human potential through mentorship that has never been offered before all while enabling you to use Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and the power of Voice Assistants in a way that was not possible until now.


Optimize human potential by connecting mentors and mentees and reaching your goals.

The Vision

Mentorch wishes to serve as a mentoring network for positive, innovative, and success minded people. We believe that through action, we will ensure a greater future, and make the world a better place through understanding, partnership and education. Our success is limited only by our creativity and willpower. By actively networking we will not simply be spectators, but will become active participants in shaping the world around us.

Why look for Mentorship?

Not everyone knows where to start when it comes to pursuing their goals. Big or small, it always helps to have someone who is more experienced help guide you in the right direction. With the help of a mentor you can make sure that you are on track and you can avoid mistakes that have previously been made.

Cultivating a relationship with your mentor will give you confidence in pursuing your goal, and will bring you a life long connection that you otherwise might have had a hard time finding and establishing.

Lastly, many people find it hard to stick to their goals. Just think about all those failed New Years resolutions you've heard about. With the persistance of a mentor it's easier to stay on track #1 because you have an obligation to not let them down and #2 they will be with you along the way to remind you of your focus :)